Oxfam's disgraced Haiti official left earlier post over 'sex parties'

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UK's Oxfam Hit by New Report of Sex Abuse by Aid Workers

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Oxfam whistleblower says charity and regulator failed to act on sex abuse allegations

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Oxfam prostitution scandal widens to at least three countries

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Oxfam whistleblower claims rape overseas, abuse in charity shops ignored

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Oxfam faces new sex abuse allegations in South Sudan

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Lessons for charities from Oxfam scandal

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The toxic effects of the Oxfam scandal have weakened us all in the aid sector

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Aid worker who paid for sex in Bosnia: 'Judge me by my work, not what I do in my spare time'

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UK charity watchdog to probe Oxfam amid sex abuse claims

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Oxfam faces probe over alleged sexual abuse cover-up

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Oxfam: Former development secretary Justine Greening 'absolutely shocked' by claims

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Oxfam whistleblower: Allegations of rape and sex in exchange for aid

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