Hong Kong in China: Rethinking the Hong Kong-Mainland Relationship (Part 1)

It is more than 21 years since Hong Kong became a Special Administrative Region of China. Much has happened that is positive since 1997. At the same time there have been recurring political incidents and stand-offs. Could the HKSAR see a positive future within China?

Banned Hong Kong Independence Groups Continue Efforts

Groups like the Hong Kong National Front support independence for the city. But their ideas are banned and many are barred from seeking public office.

China wants a new world order. At the U.N., NGOs secretly paid cash to promote Beijing’s vision.

Hong Kong official Patrick Ho was indicted on foreign bribery and money-laundering charges, but the probe into Ho, his nonprofit and the U.N. wasn’t about just corruption.

China missing out by sending few senior officials to Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore

Beijing mainly stayed away from event it was originally scheduled to host, leaving some frustrated that its voice went unheardMainland academics and Hong Kong participants were left to fill the gap