Tanzania has faced criticism over deteriorating human rights with latest being over detention of 2 staff members of an international press watchdog.

Tanzania: GM Crops Good for Tanzania - Experts

Tanzania's agriculture is dominated by small-scale farmers, who however produce ample food to feed the nation.

Vincent Moloi fuming over Tanzanian anti-gay crack down

Vincent is standing in solidarity with the LGBTQ community in Tanzania and he's not about to debate it.

Tanzania LGBT crackdown: Men arrested for sitting next to each other | Newshub

A politician has called for homosexuals to be reported.

Fear grips Tanzania’s queer people Fear grips Tanzania’s queer people

Fear grips Tanzania’s queer people

From #WhatwouldMagufuliDo to #Magufoolishness: What will John Magufuli do next?

Tanzania’s John Magufuli has gone the way of other ‘new’ African presidents who once raised great hope, like Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni or Rwanda’s Paul Kagame. And that’s the way of authoritarianism. Magufuli is still bulldozing through red tape and graft. But he is just as aggressively bulldozing through political freedoms and human rights.

Nakhane shares thoughts on Tazania's anti-gay laws | IOL Entertainment

Local queer artist Nakhane has shared his thoughts on the recent news of gay and trans people being hunted down by the Tanzanian government.

US issues travel alert for Tanzania following crackdown on homosexuals

The European Union has withdrawn its ambassador to Dar es Salaam, citing a deterioration of human rights in Tanzania because of that crackdown.

Nakhane on Tanzania’s anti-gay laws: It makes me want to vomit

As the world watches Tanzania ahead of a planned government crackdown in Dar es Salaam seeking to identify and punish homosexuals‚ prostitutes and online fraudsters‚ SA-born musician Nakhane has added his voice to outrage over the decision.

Exclusive: the victims of Tanzania's LGBT man-hunt who are too scared to return home

"I'm supposed to be at home, happy with my family and my dog but I can't go back.