Watch Rocket Lab send its first commercial rocket to space

U.S. and New Zealand spaceflight company Rocket Lab completed its first commercial launch called "It's Business Time," sending seven payloads to orbit.

Startup Rocket Lab puts 6 small satellites into orbit

By Jackie Wattles, CNN Business

Rocket Lab nails first big launch in bid to follow Elon Musk success

After months of delays, the startup space company sends an Electron rocket carrying six satellites into orbit from New Zealand.

Rocket Lab Completes First Commercial Launch of Its Electron Rocket

U.S.-based aerospace manufacturer Rocket Lab completed its first successful commercial launch on Saturday, sending seven spacecraft including “six tiny satellites and a drag sail demonstrator” into orbit aboard a relatively small Electron rocket designed primarily for smallsats and cubesats, Spaceflight Now reported.

I know what you're trying to say—you're trying to say it's time for business.

Rocket Lab Just Launched Its First Commercial Rocket Into Orbit

Rocket Lab successfully launched its third Electron rocket from New Zealand yesterday at 10.50pm Eastern time.

Rocket Lab’s low-cost Electron launcher puts satellites in orbit from New Zealand

Rocket Lab executed its second orbital mission tonight, sending six small satellites and a drag sail into orbit from an oceanside launch pad in New Zealand.

It's Business Time! Rocket Lab Lofts 6 Satellites on 1st Commercial Launch

Spaceflight startup Rocket Lab launched its first operational mission Saturday night, successfully lofting six small satellites as well as a technology demonstrator.

It's Business Time Launch - 11/11/2018 It's Business Time Launch - 11/11/2018

Rocket Lab successfully launched 'It's Business Time' at 16:50 NZDT (03:50 UTC), Sunday 11th November.

"All payloads deployed!" tweets Rocket Lab chief after first commercial Electron rocket launches from NZ.

Rocket Lab launches commercial rocket

Watch Rocket Lab try again to launch its first commercial mission to space

Aerospace startup Rocket Lab will try again this weekend to launch its first commercial mission to space, a flight the company has dubbed "It’s Business Time." The small satellite launcher is aiming to send up seven tiny probes into low Earth orbit on its Electron rocket.

Meet the newest player in the global space industry Meet the newest player in the global space industry

Rocket Lab, a California-based startup, carried out a launch from New Zealand over the weekend that it said put three small satellites in orbit.